Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Doctor in the Family?

Today I had to take LittleZabba to the doctor for her 2 month check up. BigZabba wanted to help LittleZabba not be afraid of the doctor. So, BZ decided that she was going to be the doctor's helper. She put on her scrubs, lab coat, and got her doctor kit and she was ready to go. While LZ was being examined by the doctor BZ did everything he did, listened to LZ's heart with the stethescope, looked in her eyes & ears with the eye looker iner thing (whatever that is called) and even checked her blood pressure. (or as BZ calls it, her "blood plessure").

The doctor was so thrilled with his helper that he gave her a brand new book and some stickers. She was so excited to be at the doctor! LittleZabba was not so thrilled however, but she soon got over it.

Is there a Dr. in our future? We'll see.


tweedygirl said...

Soooo cute!! And OHMYGOSH, does she ever look like a Schreiber in this picture!!!!!