Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Week of Good Fortune

This week has been good to terms of "stuff". This week I received the lunch box that I ordered from Precious Personalities. It was slightly delayed in getting to me, so as an "apology" for the delay, Julie also included this adorable travel mat. BigZabba has already doodled away on her cool "art mat" as she likes to call it. The next exciting "stuff" thing is that my order from Homemade Baby did not ship when it was supposed to, so as a "sorry" they are giving me 2 free bundles of food (12 containers). So, as Maggie Mason says, "Horray for Stuff!"


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They are Gone

In case anyone was of today, the M&M's are gone.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Daily Stats

I stole this from Be A Mary..thanks for the idea

This is how the day ended up..

4 wet diapers
1 poopy diaper
2 games of Blues Clues Memory
6 loads of laundry (actually folded and put away- for me that is a miracle!)
1 cup of chocolate milk
1 cup of yogurt smoothy
1 hot chocolate
2 cups of water
1 cup of milk
4 bottles
2 episodes of Higglytown Heros
2 changed beds (sheets i mean)
4 shirts ironed
2 AllyZabba orders (packaged and sent)
15+ times going up the stairs
55 emails (sent or received)
2 bedtime stories
3 good night kisses
3 meals
2 popsicles
1 trip to the postoffice
20+ times of spinning and throwing bigzabba on the couch
4 blankets ready to sew


Sunday, August 27, 2006

An AllyZabba Poll

To all who read this blog, I need opinions, so please leave your comments...

We have received so many requests for larger size blankets that we have decided to give it a try. AllyZabba will soon be debuting "The MegaZabba" an adult (or really big toddler) size blanket.

I need opinions about which fabric you would prefer on the back of this Chocolate AllyZabba:

Would you prefer sky blue dots or multi-colored dots with brown background?


Friday, August 25, 2006

The Shopper

BigZabba and ShaSha were looking through a magazine tonight. With each turn of the page BigZabba would run to me, "Mommy, can we get is only $7." or "Mommy, I really want this. Can we get it?" I then told her, "It is good to just look." To which she replied...

"It is good to buy!"


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Did you Blink?

Well, if you blinked at all during the organic baby food segment this morning on The Today Show, you most likely missed our debut! For those that did not get to see it, here it is. (it is best viewed with Internet Explorer. there is an ad before the segment is shown, the video is 6 min. 40 seconds long. my silly second of fame is at 1 min. 49 sec. - my sister is also shown there & at 2 min. 4 sec. - in case you wanted to know!)


Monday, August 21, 2006


Can a home be fumigated against germs? If so, I need it done. For the last 5 weeks someone has been sick in my house. BigZabba gets over it, LittleZabba gets it. She gets over it, I get it. I get over it BigZabba gets it again. Just this morning BigZabba woke up relatively cough free and guess what...yup, LittleZabba has it even worse than BigZabba did. I love the recycled germs. If this is what it is like in the summer, what will it be like in the fall when BigZabba goes to Pre-School?! When will my babies be healthy again?


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


"Mommy, you know how much I love much as Jesus does."


They are just too cute!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Birds & The Bees

This conversation had the potential for disaster, but what the heck...

BigZabba and I were having a light hearted conversation about her wanting LittleZabba to grow up.

BZ - Mommy, I can't wait for LittleZabba to grow up so she can sleep in my bed.
Me - That will be a lot of fun.

(Then she started talking about how we would then not need baby formula any more and she would get to eat lots of different foods...then she says..)

BZ - ...unless we get another baby, then we will need to get more formula.

(here we go.....)

me - How do we get another baby?
BZ - We have to wait a long time for one.
me - How do we know when we get one?
BZ - Just when we get it.
me - Where does the baby come from?
BZ - You had a baby.
me - Where does it come from?
BZ - From you Mommy!
me - How does it get inside Mommy?
BZ - It's kind of magical, I don't really know how it gets in you, it is just magical.

Disaster averted and all is well & magical.


Monday, August 14, 2006

I've Created a Monster, again

I have tried to buy organic foods lately after reading Consumer Reports on the benefits of buying organic. Have I taken it too far, or made too big a deal of it....?

Tonight, while drinking water, BigZabba asks,
"Mommy, is this water organic?"


The Today Show - update

We had a great time today. There were a lot of babies there, but they were all amazing. It was crazy how quiet it was considering there were 15 babies! They must've loved the food!

They brought out a ton of food and we just sat around and fed the babies while the camera rolled. LittleZabba loves to eat, so she just kept packing it in. Every time I got up to get more she would cry, and as soon as the spoon was in her mouth again she was very happy.

They interviewed all the moms. That was a little intimidating. "So why do you choose organic baby food over others?" "Is cost a factor for your family when it comes to buying organic?" "What is the best part of this process for you?" I felt a little I probably sounded like I didn't know how to speak English, but oh well. LittleZabba stole the show. She was all smiles, even with a face full of peas.

We then had to get a picture with Chef Troy. He is a very nice man. I think LittleZabba has somewhat of a crush on him. She wouldn't take her eyes off him. He loved it! The owners gave us some free baby food to take home, which was a very nice gesture. So I highly recommend Homemade Baby to anyone for all their baby food needs - they even offer free shipping to Southern California & Las Vegas, and 10% off your order through August 8, 2007 with coupon code MWS08.

Tune in to The Today Show on August 24 (maybe the 8am hour) to see our segment.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

What are you doing with your Monday?

I got an interesting phone call the other day. The owner of Homemade Baby (where I buy LittleZabba's food) called me and asked, "Would you be free to come to the store on Monday? We are being featured on The Today Show and would like to show some babys in our tasting room." To which I responded in an amazingly calm and cool voice, "Yes that sounds like fun. We are free." Then she said, "Do you have some friends you could bring? We would like all the Moms to know each other and feel comfortable together & relaxed." Do I have friends...heck yeah! So that is what we are doing tomorrow. She wants everyone to come looking like they are going to a play date...I don't think so. If she saw what I wear to a play date she would think twice about using that as an example. So in my most formal looking play date attire, with my makeup and hair just perfect we will be going to taste baby food on The Today Show. Hopefully LittleZabba will cooperate and look completely adorable while eating peas and pears.


Friday, August 11, 2006


BigZabba had such an awesome time at VBS. It is so fun to listen to her as she plays today. While playing My Little Pony I hear her singing, "One way Jesus, you're the only one that I can live for." While playing with puzzles she sings, "This is a holy moment now." Then while making dinner in her kitchen I hear, "Come Come Come let us worship God. With a shout of love (whoa) With a shout of love (whoa).."

She doesn't know all the words to all the songs, but what she has heard this week is all in there making a difference in her little heart & mind.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've Created a Monster

While cleaning up her play kitchen BigZabba says,
"Mommy, I need to get my kitchen nice and tidy."


Monday, August 07, 2006


Today was BigZabba's first day of vacation Bible school. She had a great time. She has been singing VBS songs all day. She is excited to go back on Wednesday. It is fun to see her get excited about learning about God.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

From My Nose

While driving in the car today BigZabba picked up a sippy cup to take a drink. She said, "Mommy this tastes funny. It tastes like something from my nose." Laughing I said, "Well don't drink it then."
Later, back in the car heading home she said, "I want a drink." So I asked for the sippy cup so I could put some water in it. Taking off the lid I then understood why it tasted like something from her nose. Many days ago, how many I do not know, the substance in the cup was milk...not so much anymore. It reminded me of the picture TweedyGirl posted a while back. Yummy. DaddyZabba thought a good new rule is to only have water in the car..I think that is a good idea.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 2, 2006

Today is an important day for BigZabba. Today she asked Jesus to be in her heart. She knows that Jesus died for her sins, that now her name is written in His "big special book" and that she will get to be in heaven. She said that she hoped Jesus wouldn't erase her name, so I told her that Jesus promised that he would never erase our name, and he couldn't because it was written in marker. She said, "Marker doesn't come off, does it?...What color is the marker?" She has requested her name to be written in pink marker. I am sure Jesus can arrange that.



LittleZabba is sick again. I can't believe it! Where did this cold come from?? This isn't a little cold either. It is the sneezy runny nose cold. Where every sneeze is followed by stringy snot hanging from her lips. yummy. Sometimes I feel like I am going insane.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We Will Not Be Returning to Swim Lessons

'nuff said.