Friday, August 11, 2006


BigZabba had such an awesome time at VBS. It is so fun to listen to her as she plays today. While playing My Little Pony I hear her singing, "One way Jesus, you're the only one that I can live for." While playing with puzzles she sings, "This is a holy moment now." Then while making dinner in her kitchen I hear, "Come Come Come let us worship God. With a shout of love (whoa) With a shout of love (whoa).."

She doesn't know all the words to all the songs, but what she has heard this week is all in there making a difference in her little heart & mind.


tweedygirl said...

How fun to hear her singing those songs!! =)

Totally off-topic... what a gorgeous head of hair! I think she's being a bit selfish, though - she's got more than enough to share with my kid! =)

tweedygirl said...

ps: LOVE those chunky thighs on LZ!