Monday, August 28, 2006

Daily Stats

I stole this from Be A Mary..thanks for the idea

This is how the day ended up..

4 wet diapers
1 poopy diaper
2 games of Blues Clues Memory
6 loads of laundry (actually folded and put away- for me that is a miracle!)
1 cup of chocolate milk
1 cup of yogurt smoothy
1 hot chocolate
2 cups of water
1 cup of milk
4 bottles
2 episodes of Higglytown Heros
2 changed beds (sheets i mean)
4 shirts ironed
2 AllyZabba orders (packaged and sent)
15+ times going up the stairs
55 emails (sent or received)
2 bedtime stories
3 good night kisses
3 meals
2 popsicles
1 trip to the postoffice
20+ times of spinning and throwing bigzabba on the couch
4 blankets ready to sew


be_a_Mary said...

I should have TOTALLY done the stairs one! OOOOOOH. I HATE stairs.