Monday, August 21, 2006


Can a home be fumigated against germs? If so, I need it done. For the last 5 weeks someone has been sick in my house. BigZabba gets over it, LittleZabba gets it. She gets over it, I get it. I get over it BigZabba gets it again. Just this morning BigZabba woke up relatively cough free and guess what...yup, LittleZabba has it even worse than BigZabba did. I love the recycled germs. If this is what it is like in the summer, what will it be like in the fall when BigZabba goes to Pre-School?! When will my babies be healthy again?


Tweedygirl said...

How frustrating. That does seem like a lot for summertime. =( What a darling picture though!

be_a_Mary said...

I SOOO understand! We have had those struggles too! I have noticed one thing that seems to help: yogurt. Go figure. There was a stint of a few months where nobody in our family was sick. NOBODY. And I was shocked. Then I realized I had been giving my kids "pink milk" (goyurt smoothies) once a day as a mid-morning snack (recommended by my pediatrician for my daughter who gets frequent ear infections). I swear I think it helps!! Yogurt is full of probiotics.

They are super cute kids though!

AllyZabba said...

BAM - Thanks for the advice. I am willing to try anything!