Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost Like the Picture!

Tonight we had Teriyaki Chicken for dinner. I was very impressed with myself...it nearly looks like the picture.

It was so easy to make and it was delicious! The exact meal was, Broiled breast of chicken, steamed snow peas and wasabi mashed potatoes.

Tasty and healthy.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's That Time Again

Anyone want to join me? Training starts tomorrow.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Go Me


Hide & Seek


Friday, July 27, 2007

Making Memories

We just returned from a very exciting camping trip. There were many fun parts of the trip, but two things stand out. The first was watching the girls play in the dirt. They really haven't had many opportunities to get really dirty. They got plenty dirty on this trip. LittleZabba's favorite activity was throwing the dirt and then taking handfuls of it and wiping it all over her face. She thought she was pretty cute. BigZabba's favorite activity, second only to looking out for squirrels, was kicking the dirt. While I don't really like dirty children, it was pretty fun to sit back and watch them have fun getting dirty.

The second exciting thing about our trip was our hike up Cougar Crest Trail. It was a 4 mile (round trip) hike that was somewhat steep in spots. BigZabba did a great job and walked the entire way. It took nearly 2 hours to reach the summit and we enjoyed the beautiful view of the lake. That is when we saw the clouds rolling in. No sooner had we started our walk back down then it started to rain. It started out as a few drops, but soon it was an all out storm. The trail that had once been dirty and dusty was now a river of mud. We were completely soaked by the time we got back to the car. LittleZabba was not happy about the rain and cried nearly the entire time. BigZabba was a super trooper and didn't complain at all. She did say that she didn't like the mud, and really who could blame her. We did find someone at the bottom to take our picture, just so we could remember the event. We don't look that bad, but believe me, there wasn't a dry spot on us. We could ring out our socks and pour water out of our shoes.



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

While the Children were Away

While the girls were at their Grandparents house DaddyZabba and I got a way for a few days for our anniversary. We had a great time! We spent 3 days in Napa getting some much needed rest. We visited some wineries, relaxed by the pool, took a hot air balloon ride and even visited the Jelly Belly Factory. We had a fantastic time.

The place we stayed in Napa was awesome, The Carneros Inn. The room was beautiful, the views were amazing, and the staff was very friendly. While visiting the winery we learned a few things about wine...you start with white then comes red and dessert wines are last. I learned that I am not a big fan of red wines. I had to try really hard to not act like a 4 year old and make a nasty face when I tasted the red wine. I had to act a little grown up! From then on I started with the white and skipped right to the dessert wines. We also learned that some people take their wine very seriously, we are not those people. At some of the tastings there was a lot of swishing and sniffing going on...were we supposed to do that too?

All in all we had a super time and I can't wait until we can go again!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Time Away

DaddyZabba has had some time off the last few weeks so we have done a bit of traveling. Our first stop was at Grandma & Grandpa's house in Northern CA. We had a great time relaxing and enjoying the "wildlife". The girls had a great time hanging out with their Grandparents and enjoying a different routine. BigZabba even learned how to play "War". We had a great visit.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Adventure to Ponyville

BigZabba and DaddyZabba made a game for you to enjoy! You can find it online here:

The entire idea and design was BigZabba's and I think it's actually pretty fun. If you "love it", maybe you can login to Scratch and click "I Love it" to make us popular!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 Years By the Numbers

To celebrate 10 years of marriage here is a summary of our married life. We have (in no particular order)....

lived in 3 houses
attended 3 different churches
had 2 kids
owned 5 cars
worked at 6 jobs
created 3 websites
had 18 email addresses
visited 12 countries
endured 5 ER visits
taken 6 Hawaii trips
owned 5 computers
made 12 feature films
had 1 empty gas tank
lived through 1 car accident
enjoyed 1 hot air balloon ride
owned 10 cell phones
taken 31,610 digital photos (since owning a digital camera)


Thursday, July 05, 2007

the 4th

We had a fun 4th of July. We started out the day at the beach. What is more American than sitting in a sand hole?

We ended the day at our street's block party. Water fights, a bike parade, BBQ and fireworks. God Bless America!