Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Coupon Queen

This is dedicated to my sister, The Coupon Queen...

My sister is the Queen,
She is a coupon machine.
Her savings are obscene.
Let me explain what I mean.

46 bags of candy
Just may come in handy.
Especially when they are free,
Wouldn't you agree?

She never pays full price,
Which is quite nice.
So next time you buy spanish rice,
Remember the Queen & think twice!

(She found a coupon for $1 off M&M's. They were on sale for $1, so with the coupon they were free! She got 46 bags! I just had to see how many I could get, so armed with my coupons I went and bought out the store too...I only got 11 bags. M&M's anyone?)


Amy Vivona said...

I'm blushing....
You want to be a coupon queen too? Check out:
You can get free stuff too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I always knew that I had 2 very creative and entrpreneurial daughters!!! Wow I wondered if I could spell that word. I know where to go when I need a chocolate fix!

tweedygirl said...

I am wiping up my drool. Peanut m&m's are my all-time favorite candy. Fortunately, Germany has them too. But for FREE???!! That is so great! How did you get so many coupons??

Anonymous said...

And I love to use
I pay a small subscription fee and everyweek receive a detailed spread sheet of which coupons I should use based on grocery store sales and then I never pay more than 50% for my groceries. I love it when I pay $100 for groceries and at the bottom of the receipt it says "You saved $100! The game does all the figuring for me, then I do the choosing and clipping and saving. Such fun!
~Amy VB

lgd said...

that's hysterical!

Trevor, Angela and Katie said...

LOL --- love it!

Trevor, Angela and Katie said...

LMAO -- that's hilarious!