Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Wonders of Mr. Clean

Today BigZabba and a friend did some damage to her chalkboard. They decided to use markers on her chalkboard. Needless to say I was not very thrilled with this. They were washable markers so I thought there was a chance that the ever useful baby wipe would get it off, but no. 409 maybe? Nope. So, to BigZabba's dismay her chalkboard was "ruined". When DaddyZabba got home he was also saddened by the "ruined" chalkboard. Then he suggested the magic eraser thing. That was brilliant! (He is a thinker!) So, I got out my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and bibbity bobbity boo, it got the marker off the chalkboard! What is in that magic little pad?! Amazing.

Speaking of baby wipes. I am always amazed that they make these little wipeys for the most delicate parts of a baby's body, yet the wipes can clean absolutely everything..the grimest of hands & faces, dirt off shoes, stains off car seats, markers off the floor (but not chalkboards, I tried that)..the list is endless. Those wipes and Mr. Clean..they amaze me.