Saturday, March 18, 2006

Almost 7.5 miles..

1 hour, 36 minutes.

I felt pretty good the majority of the time. I am a little sore now, but that will soon go away..I hope! The complaining monster came out a few times, but I am pleased with "performance" today. My running partner/coach/slave driver, whom I will call Lola, is always very encouraging. She always tells me to not look at the time, but the distance. This was the furthest I have ever run, so that is something to be proud of. Next week she is being kind and we are doing 5 miles. I'll let you know how it goes!


tweedygirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is huge!!!! Wow, I'm impressed. =)

Anonymous said...

So am I- Mother of two (the second a mere 3 months old). This woman can do anything!

Shasha said...

Remember AllyZabba....when you were a little girl and we would go would always say....mommy, look how far we've come since we've been talking. So just keep talking and the distance will close in... I'm proud of you.