Thursday, March 30, 2006

She's a Thinker

BigZabba is supposed to be napping. I put her in her room for her nap, told her she could read her books, and then she needed to sleep. 20 or so minutes later I hear her talking & playing. I went to her room and she was playing with her baby doll & puppy from her bed. I told her that this was her one warning..if I came up and saw her playing with her toys when she should be sleeping, I would take the toys out of her bed. "Ok Mommy." Fast forward 30 minutes...I hear talking & playing again. Why isn't she listening? I know that this isn't going to go well. She really does not like it when I have to take her toys from her bed. I go to her room...what is this...she is laying down, she isn't playing with her toys...she is playing with her hands!! They are talking to each other. What do I do now?! I can't very well take her hands away!? I guess technically she was obeying...she wasn't playing with her toys. I just had to laugh. She's a thinker!