Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Been A Big Day!

The day started out with my friend and I running almost 6.5 miles. I did an awful lot of complaining about it, but I did it! It took something like 90 minutes to do it, which isn't that great, but at least I did it.
When I got home DaddyZabba told me that we got a big blanket order! We had someone order 4 blankets this morning! Wow! That was really exciting. So, I got busy sewing. Later in the day I checked email, and there was another order! This time it was for 2 blankets! Double Wow! So, I got even busier sewing. The first order is completed, in the wash as I type, and the second is half done. I think I will be able to ship both orders tomorrow. It was a very exciting day.
6 miles and 6 blankets!


tweedygirl said...

Wait - so you sewed 5 blankets in ONE DAY???!!! Did I read this right??!!!

tweedygirl said...

Oh - and by the way, whether you sewed one or six, CONGRATULATIONS on the two orders!!! That's so exciting! When you are famous, I can say that MamaZabba is my good friend and feel famous too. =)

brenda said...

6.5 miles!! I am so impressed!! Way to go Jill!!!!!

brenda said...
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