Monday, January 21, 2008

It begins, maybe

This morning I have tried potty training with LittleZabba (she is 26 months). All morning she has been running around bare bum, with her babylegs on of course to stay warm. So far we have had no accidents, and she has tinkled twice in the potty! Maybe the lack of accidents has been due to the fact that the TV has been on and she likes to sit on the little potty while she watches. DaddyZabba thinks that this is a little early, but I am proud of myself for waiting this long with her. When BigZabba was 12 months old the potty training began (which I know is way too early, but I wanted to be the Mom that had her kid potty trained first), so this feels like forever to me. Who knows how long this will last. I am not convinced that she gets it, even with her two successes today I don't think she understands how it all works. the true test will be when she gets up to play...will she run back to the potty or make a mess. Thank God for hard wood floors.