Friday, August 10, 2007

Pet for a Day

Yesterday we came home to a pigeon in our yard. We often have a colony of crows in our yard, but never a pigeon. It seemed like it wanted to stay. It walked around the yard, sat near the back door, followed us around the seemed like it was tame. BigZabba and DaddyZabba felt inclined to feed it, so they set out a trail of crackers leading to a bucket of water for our new "pet". At bedtime BigZabba said goodbye to the bird thinking it would be gone in the morning. Well, sure enough it was still here this morning. We set out some more food and left for our errands. Sadly when we returned we found that Mr. Pigeon had died while sitting at our back door. Hopefully his last day was a pleasant one. He died with a belly full of crackers and corn tortilla. We will miss you Mr. Pigeon.