Thursday, August 30, 2007

Late Night Snack

I went in to give BigZabba one last kiss when I went to bed tonight and she was awake! So, wanting to win the Greatest Mom Ever award, I let her get up and have ice cream! She thinks I am pretty awesome. She is standing beside me licking the bowl even as I type.

Yeah, I rock.


Anonymous said...

So Cute! What little stinkers you both are! I can't believe she was still up last night when you got home, our party got pretty late. I didn't get home until almost midnight by the time I was finished wrapping up loose ends and actually able to find a freeway onramp that wasn't closed for construction! UGH! I did not stay up for a snack, but instead quickly slipped into bed and sleep. However, I do remember as a little girl loving it when my mom or dad would let me do something as fun as a late night snack...You do ROCK!
Amy VB