Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why Do I Bother?

Why do I take the time to make cute burp cloths for LittleZabba? Why have cute ones if they never get burped on? My child will not burp with her mouth toward the cloth. She is so concerned about missing out on something exciting that she is always looking out...which then means, the spit-up not only goes all down her front but mine too. It never fails.. clean outfit = the sudden urge to spit up...just had a bath = time to spit up. So maybe I should just swear off burp cloths. It all ends up the same anyway. If I have one perched on my shoulder ready to catch the spit, she turns her head at the last second and bam there it is all over both of us. If I don't have the cloth it is the same scenario. I should know by now that motherhood is not glamerous..that is obvious since I smell of baby vomit daily.