Monday, June 12, 2006

The Visitor

My blog is turning into a commentary on the life of my kids....

Because of Mommy responsibilities my shower this morning happened much later that I would have liked. While I was in the shower BigZabba comes running in my room, "Mommy, somebody rang the doorbell!" This is very exciting to her because she loves visitors. I told her that we couldn't get the door, and if they really needed us they would wait, leave a note or come back. She was very upset about this, but said, "Ok Mommy."

My shower continued, I heard talking...who is BigZabba talking to?

She came back in the room and I asked her, "Who were you talking to?"

BZ - "The person at the door."
Me - "How were you talking to them?"
BZ - "Through the window."
Me - "What did you say?"
BZ - "I said, 'Excuse me, sorry, my Mom is in the shower right now."
Me - "What did they say?"
BZ - "They said, 'Oh, ok , thanks,'"

I can just imagine this sales person standing at the door, and then a little kid yells down at them from a window that Mom is in the shower. I hope they got a chuckle out of it!


brenda said...

that's funny jill!!!

thanks for sharing your stories!!!