Monday, May 15, 2006

My Helper & Lots of Lint!

Today BigZabba was a huge helper. I needed to get dinner ready, and of course, LittleZabba needed to eat. So BigZabba fed her little sister her you can see she was thrilled to be able to feed the baby!

I am in the process of getting ready for AllyZabba's first show. It is this Saturday, the 20th, and I am beginning to feel the pressure. I have so many items to sew! Today I made 34 burp cloths, and in the next few days I would like to make 30 TravelZabbas.

Why did I choose to make blankets out of fabric that sheds so much!? My house is covered with terry cloth lint as well as Plushy lint. I find it everywhere...on my clothes, all over the floor, even upstairs and at times in my nose! The sacrifices one makes for soft baby blankets!


tweedygirl said...

That picture of the girls is so sweet! Good luck on your sewing!

Kristen said...

Sweet machine!

I haven't visited your blog for a much reading to catch up on!