Thursday, April 13, 2006

Still House-bound

Well BigZabba's little fever has turned into the fever that wont go away. We are on day two of being chained to the house. My dilemma all day has been..does a temperature of 99.5 degrees really mean a fever? That is less that one degree above normal. We can go play, right?! But, my protective Mommy side comes out and wins everytime.
This all began on Tuesday early evening. by 3am Wednesday morning I knew she was sick. She was whiney, really hot and "really really didn't want to be alone". So, I relented and told her that I would lay with her for a little bit. She then told me that her stomach hurt. Uh-oh. Get the trash can. BigZabba calls throwing up, "spitting". That call came about because we were at a park once (about one year ago so I am shocked she remembers) and we saw a little boy throwing up. She asked what he was doing and I just said, spitting. Thus the name was born. Anyway, about 10 minutes after laying with her, she very calmly said, "Mommy, I think I am ready to spit now." Oh ok. So I got the trash can, and without any fuss or crying or whining, she spit...well tried to anyway. "Ok, I am done now Mommy." That was that. That was the calmest "spitting" session we have ever had in this house! She certainly did not get her Daddy's barfing genes...she is much calmer and 100 times quieter! Anyway, we are now at Thursday early evening and we still have a fever, but thankfully no more spitting. I hope that this goes away soon. I have errands to run and I am getting cabin fever!