Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Find it Sickening!

Once again I am reminded that I married a genius...or a madman, however you wish to look at it. Here is the scenario...

me: i have been having trouble lately sewing the blankets. i can't seem to get them to line up evenly. the fabric moves around so much as i sew.
him: [click, clack, click, clack of the computer keyboard] this one lady on this board found that sewing with tissue paper seems to help.
me: well i think i will try once more and see how it goes.

off i go to sew...while i am pinning, he comes in.

him: i read another lady say that you had to make sure the pressure foot tension wasn't too much. can you adjust that?
me: (speaking with authority because i know about my machine) no, you can adjust the thread tension, but i can't adjust the pressure foot.
him: do you mind if i read the manual about it.
me: sure go ahead..(thinking, he won't find anything in there about it. he thinks he knows everything.)
him: oh here it is, this knob adjusts the pressure foot tension. maybe turn it down and see if that helps.
me: (stunned) oh, ok. sure, i'll try.

off i go to pin and sew.

it worked. the fabric didn't move around, it was much better. how does he do that? it is sick!


ms. nomer said...

Love that. Mine does the same types of things.

tweedygirl said...

Yeah, I can relate. =) I've had to swallow my pride many a time. Sometimes I'll even act clueless on purpose about something so I can get help faster. =)