Saturday, October 20, 2007

Extreme Double-Dipping

LittleZabba has perfected the art of double-dipping. Not only does each chip get dipped more than once, but in an effort to achieve the ultimate dip-to-chip ratio, she actually licks the dip off each chip until it's gone.

The chip itself is only consumed after it's so soggy from repeated licking that it no longer has the structural integrity to lift the next bite of dip into her mouth.

We don't recommended trying to share your dip with LittleZabba.


c said...

Mmmm, my kinda girl! Well, it is a bit extreme, but I have one like her. Her vice is guacamole. We've taken out the middle man and just give her a spoon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well it's one way of avoiding having to share the dip. Smart girl! :-)


PS - I met you and your older daughter getting haircuts a while ago and she was trying to teach me how to play her hand-held game with limited success. ;-)

susan said...

That is hilarious. And nasty! =) But no big deal as long as you teach her that it's not a good idea on dates.

This brings back the great double-dipping Seinfeld episode.