Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On McDonalds

After eating at McDonald's BigZabba says,

"Daddy, when we get home I think we should brush our teeth."


(while rubbing her teeth with a napkin) "We should get all this buttery stuff off."


susan said...

So funny!

I'm going to have to bookmark the videos of the girls dancing and especially of BZ singing in the car. Savannah loves watching them and has listened to BZ about a million times. She sits at my computer, clicks on your blog, and scrolls all the way down through your posts to find it. Soon it will be gone though so I'm going to bookmark the post for her. =)

So we've listened to the song a million times, and we're all impressed with BZ's singing - Chris included. =) I never figured out the question about the goat, but I do know that there was a WHOOOOOOLE lot of helping others going on!

And the picture of the pizookie was great. Oh how we miss those. We've recreated them here, though they're of course not quite as good. Wanna mail me one? =)