Sunday, December 02, 2007

Do I Know You?

You look familiar. Have we met before? These are questions I get asked almost on a daily basis. Then it dawns on them, I think you look like an actress. What is her name?

I reply, Mary Stuart Masterson.

Yeah, that's her. You really do look like her.

What do you think?


DaddyZabba said...

Yes, she's a hotty too.

AllyZabba said...

i need the fringed gloves to complete the look though.

cmoney said...

THAT'S WHERE I KNOW YOU FROM! hehehe Good to see you Saturday.

lola d. said...

She's almost as pretty as you. So I can tell the difference!

AllyZabba said...

oh lola aren't you sweet.

design for mankind. said...

HA! Oh my GOSH!!!!! It's true. It's so true. Although... you're DEFINITELY a better catch.

And did I read your previous post correctly? Two hours and something-minutes for that many miles? Is that serious??????

Craziness, Jill. I am aghast. I doubt I can DRIVE that many miles in two hours, and somehow, you can run it.


See you tomorrow!!! :)

susan said...

Yes, I agree. And that's what my sister thought too the first time she saw/met you. And that's definitely a compliment! =)

Now the question is: can you see it too?

susan said...

Oh, I'm not sure that made sense? I meant that was a compliment because she's a pretty gal. There are many people I wouldn't mind looking like, and she'd be one of them!