Thursday, February 22, 2007

Second Thoughts

Since my previous post about homeschooling I am having second thoughts. I recently heard of a school not too far away, but in another district, that sounds perfect for BigZabba. While working in her class I love to sit back and watch her interact with the other students and her teacher. She really seems to thrive in that environment. Attending school will be good for her socially and academically. On the other hand, teaching her at home will give her much more one on one time, and she will be able to learn more (probably). I really feel torn about what to do. The things that concerned me about her local school are perfect at the other school. I will be taking a tour of the school and getting information about enrollment in the coming weeks. I know that she will do great in either environment, but I just want to do what is right, what is best for her. I can't seem to find my "The Answers to Every Parenting Question" Book...anyone have their copy?