Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ok Nosey

The check out guy at Trader Joe's was a little too nosey today. The conversation started out as small talk while he tallied the groceries...

TJ man - How old is your baby?
me- She's one
TJ man - How many months?
me - (laughing) 12
TJ man - My son will be 13 months tomorrow. Is she talking?
me - No, not yet.
TJ man - Is she walking?
me - No.
TJ man - How many teeth does she have?
me - None yet.
(I was only slightly annoyed by the interrogation, but then he had to throw this question out there..)
TJ man - Are you nursing?
me -
TJ man - With no teeth you really should be.
me - ok.

And with that I picked up my bag and walked away. What was that all about?


Anonymous said...

Up until the last question/comment, I would have just thought he was an extremely interested dad - hoping to compare his child with yours - wondering what's 'normal' etc.

The last question about nursing - I would say was a bit over the top and the rest of his comment, definitely inappropriate.

Maybe he was practicing for an "in your face" reality show.

gmazabba said...

I have an idea - want to try something.

gmazabba said...

Could it be that finally I have figured out the riddle of responding to a blog the way I really want to?

It's hard to believe I may have unfolded the mysteries of this very simple issue.

AllyZabba said...

it looks like you figured it out gmazabba! good for you! =) happy commenting!

susan said...

I find that last comment almost shocking though I probably shouldn't.