Tuesday, September 12, 2006


BigZabba is in pre-school! I am so proud of her. DaddyZabba & Grandma were able to come to school to see her first day. She walked right in, did what her teacher said and didn't flinch when it was time for us to leave. After school I asked her what her favorite part was...snack time.
Today, her second day of preschool, she got to sit in the "share chair" and talk about the grasshopper that she caught in her bug catcher. She was the hit of the class. I am sure all the little boys must have thought that she was just the best ever..."a girl who likes bugs and has a bug catcher...she is so cool." She is very excited about preschool and loves getting homework. I will remind her of that when in 4th grade she hates all her California Mission work.